Monday, May 2, 2011

Free Cooling with PCM22P

savEnrg PCM22P is an inorganic salt hydrate which freezes at temperatures below +16 degree C and melts at temperatures above +27 degree C. It's latent heat storage capacity is 185KJ/Kg and is tested for 3000 cycles. About 20Kg of this material is needed to store 1KW of thermal energy.

The product is ideal to maintain a comfortable room temperature of around 25 degree C in summer. The application in the figure below considers a situation when the night time temperature drops below 16 degree C. Cool air is directed through the PCM22P storage, the PCM releases the heat stored from the day period and subsequently freezes. During the day cycle as the temperature within the facility rise above 25 degree C, the warm air is directed through the PCM storage. The storage acts as a heat sink and starts absorbing the warmth in the air and in turn cools it. The air cooling cycle continues till the PCM is completely liquid. During this period the facility maintains a temperature of 25 degree C.

The product can be used for free cooling of facilities like construction trailers, instrumentation shelters, green houses, telecommunication shelters etc.

Free Cooling Thermal Battery with savEnrg PCM22P
Quantity of PCM22P required for Free Cooling is calculated based on the estimation of facilities heat gain during the day, day time temperature profile and night time temperature profile. PCM quantity needs to be sized such that adequate night time low temperature is available to charge the PCM.

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  1. Free colling with PCM22P is great idea for warm/hot areas temporary shelter when disaster strikes (earth-quick as example). Just imagine: in the terrible day heat temperature inside the shelter remain cooler than outside. Isn't it great?!

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