Monday, January 7, 2013

CSP Industry to discuss 2013 challenges in New Delhi this March

CSP Today reported that Leaders of the concentrated solar power industry in India will discuss upcoming challenges as PV competition intensifies. The publication By Beatriz Gonzalez on Jan 7, 2013 highlights the comments from the industry specialists. 

As per the report, Shubhi Gupta of Flareum Technologies, one of the companies speaking at CSP Today India 2013, explained  that the industry segments in India that use heat or steam for their product process would be opting for alternatives for non-renewable fuel, and since the steam generating systems can be easily integrated with the already existing systems of the facility they are very convenient. Also, more R&D activities on this technology would help reduce the cost and make it even more efficient.

Integration with conventional power plants, as well as CSP technology advancements and cost reduction are key themes of the CSP Today India 2013 agenda. Top experts from STEAG, Ingeteam, SENER India, Termopower and Abantia Instalaciones will join Flareum in discussing strategies for boosting CSP technology and competing with other energy sources. Read the full publication

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