Thursday, October 24, 2013

LavaLunch with Form Stable Phase Change Material

Did you know that hot food is easier to digest? It makes it easier for your body to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients. A hot meal consisting of home-cooked proteins, vegetables, legumes and rice offers a more nutritious option while reducing many of the harmful risks associated with processed cold foods. Elements Accessories Inc. has introduced LavaLunch that is made of a special neoprene-like material. Combined that with their proprietary insulation and a unique a pre-heated LavaRock, LavaLunch can stay hot up to 6 hours!

LavaRock has been custom engineered for the LavaLunch application. It utilizes a proprietary Form Stable Phase Change Material that stores a large quantity of heat to maintain temperature in the range of 120 degree F to 150 degree F. Just place  LavaRock warmer in the microwave for two minutes. Include it in your LavaLunchbox along with your favorite pre-heated foods. That's it, you're ready to go!

All materials used in LavaLunch are BPA-free, Phalate-free, and Non-Toxic. Our LavaRock warmers are made from organic materials. Lava Lunch is a without doubt a modern yet practical solution for a lunch bag that combines clean and simple design. Perfect for bringing a healthy, Hot, lunch from home.   Each Lava Lunch comes with two Lava Rocks to maintain warmth, a side drink pocket and room for utensils. Lava Lunch  is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish way to carry their hot meal on the go. You can buy your LavaLunch directly from the manufacturer Elements Accessories Inc.

Vote for LavalLunch now and be instrumental in securing JPMorgan Chase grant to help roll out "Lava Lunch", the only Hot-Lunchbox, to retailers across the country. 

RGEES, LLC is manufacturer of PCM based Cold Chain Refrigerants.
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