Monday, March 26, 2012

Unique PCM based technology to enhance efficiency of beverage coolers

A consortium named iCool has been organized in European Union to develop a unique technology that makes effective use of phase changes materials (PCM) within beverage coolers. The aim of this technology is to downsize the cooler's cooling system thereby significantly increasing it's energy efficiency.  

The total EU stock of beverage coolers is currently estimated to 6.3 million, which is stated to be nearly 50% of the total number of commercial display refrigerators in use. It is now generally accepted that commercial refrigerators offer significant potential for energy savings. Compared to similar sized domestic refrigerators, the energy consumption of commercial beverage coolers can be over 3 times higher. It is understood that the cost and design of these commercial coolers are more important drivers that their energy efficiency.

The iCool Consortium is scheduled to deliver a Base Case Performance Model by November 2012 that will demonstrate the efficiency that the phase-change technology will provide and shall publish Field Test Reports by December 2013.

The Consortium comprises of seven organizations performing specialized functions to deliver the iCool Project Tasks:

  1. New Wave Innovation is a technology development and innovation company 
  2. Fricon is a leading European manufacturer of a wide range of appliances including freezers, display coolers and wine coolers.  
  3. Saturn Engineering is an electronic manufacturing service provider 
  4. The AFM EUROP display coolers are the perfect marketing tool to differentiate a product from competitors in the chilled area.  
  5. Re/gent is an R&D centre and consultancy specialized in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and alternative refrigerants. 
  6. The ZAE Bayern, Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, is a non-profit research institute (SME) which cooperates with industry, universities and other research institutes.  
  7. Heineken N.V. -established in 1864- is one of the world’s great brewers and is committed to growth and remaining independent. 

The iCool Project Summary states that a recent working document for the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive outlines several legislative options that are to encourage and mandate significant energy efficiency improvements for beverage coolers.

RGEES, LLC is manufacturer of PCM based Cold Chain Refrigerants.
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  1. It is understood that the cost and design of these commercial coolers are more important drivers that their energy efficiency.