Friday, July 13, 2012

Temperature control for wine shipping containers

A few wine lovers discussed a serious wine shipping issue in the Wine Cellar Insider forum. One talked about his countless instances when he received wines either cooked in the summer time or frozen in the winter time, even with overnight shipping option. Another agreed that this is a serious concern and because of this the actual taste of wine could be lost.

The last mile—the final link in the distribution chain after the shipment leaves a distribution hub via a delivery truck—is a great concern for shippers. The temperature-controlled environment ends there, with the shipment on the truck. According to the Wines & Vines wine shipments sharply decline during summer months, dipping to the lowest levels during July, August and September.

savEnrg™ Phase Change Material (PCM) offers customized solutions using PCM-HS22P with a phase-change point at 22 deg C (72 deg F). This is one of the most innovative approaches to applying an economical energy efficient temperature-control technology to develop wine shipping  solutions at controlled room temperature in summer and in extreme winter months.

Calculations on a 6 bottle 0.5" EPS wine shipper wine for a maximum 14hr exposure @ 90 deg F ambient during the last mile delivery process showed a heat gain of 155 wats. Experiment conducted with 16oz of PCM-HS22P prooved adequate to maintain the shipper temperature below 80 deg F for 14hrs.

savEnrg™ PCM-HS22P is a water based non-toxic, non-flammable, and economical material. It possess a density of 1.5 times that of water, thus occupies very little space within the shipping box but stores a large amount thermal energy in the range of 65 deg F to 80 deg F. Controlled Room Temperature shipping solutions designed with savEnrg™ Phase Change Material PCM-HS22P provide a longer temperature control with a lesser mass of coolant that not only reduces the weight of the shipper but also increases the payload capacity.

As the storage and packaging of wine boxes before shipping takes place in an environment that is around 65 degree F, the PCM-HS22P conditions itself into a solid form naturally and incorporated into the shipper directly. The solution provides a Net Zero Energy controlled room temperature wine shipper. RGEES, LLC package the product in customized soft and hard packs to fit the individual needs of the shipping container.
RGEES, LLC is manufacturer of PCM based Cold Chain Refrigerants.
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